Dual Website Launch

National autism initiatives have been launched at the University of Strathclyde on the 6th February. The Scottish Government-funded Autism Network Scotland website has been set up to provide impartial and reliable information about autism. It will create networking opportunities, help raise awareness and promote the sharing of good practice.

A second website has been created to disseminate information on the progress of the Scottish Strategy for Autism (SSA). It was launched by the Scottish Government and will be a key source on the implementation of the SSA and act as a communication tool for the National Autism Reference Group and associated sub-groups.

Emeritus Professor Aline-Wendy Dunlop, of the University’s School of Education, said: "Autism Network Scotland play a strategic role in ensuring the professionals working in the field of autism have the knowledge and information to do the best job possible. Funded by Scottish Government, the Network maintains an impartial but pivotal role in delivery of the SSA by promoting and supporting contact between professionals, dissemination of good practice and innovative approaches. Our new website is launched today and we have also been asked by government to maintain and support their strategy website, which brings transparency to the roll-out of policy across Scotland.

"Part of supporting professionals in their daily work is to work in inclusive ways and to listen and learn from all involved – people on the spectrum, families and the professionals that support them. This is an important day – the two websites will be a valuable tool for communication about autism in Scotland and beyond."

Public Health Minister Michael Matheson MSP said: "Individuals with autism are affected in different ways, so I am delighted that these websites are being launched today to offer a comprehensive range of information, advice and support.

"The new Scottish Strategy for Autism website will enable the autism community to keep updated with the progress on the strategy. The Autism Network Scotland website will allow people with autism and their families to access information, advice and take part in discussion groups and it will help professionals offer the best services and assistance, by sharing guidance, experiences and research.”

Celtic Nations Autism Partnership Event

Building the Foundations was the title of a great event, hosted by the Scottish Government and COSLA and facilitated by the Celtic Nations Autism Partnership.