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Innovation and Development Funding

We are pleased to advise that Scottish Ministers are continuing their commitment to develop and enhance services for people with autism and we are now seeking applications for innovation and development funding which will be available for 2015/16.

The Scottish Strategy for Autism provides a framework to build on improvements to autism services in Scotland, including support to families to access services such as social care, education, housing and employment. Since 2011 the Scottish Government has committed to an Autism Development Fund and has funded a number of statutory organisations and local and national third sector organisations for a variety of local and national projects that support and improve the outcomes for people with autism.

Working with a wide range of stakeholders funding in 2015/16 will focus on our identified priorities. This includes the development of services that focus on outcomes based approaches; locality based integrated partnership working and national projects delivered in partnership.

The criteria that will be considered is attached at Annex A. We are also enclosing an application form at Annex B. This letter invites proposals for innovative projects which will help to develop and improve services to people with autism and their families in line with the Strategy’s outcome-focused delivery approach at Annex C.  Please access the full application information and application form using the links below.

Application Information
Application Form

Development Funding Timetable

Applications invited from

7 August 2015

Closing date for applications

18 September 2015

Organisations notified

30 September 2015


Your application should be sent by email to Annette Pyle by no later than 18 September 2015. Late applications will not be considered; however, if you wish to discuss your proposal prior to submitting an application, please feel free to contact Annette via email.

Listening to Community event held in Perth

Listening1Autism Network Scotland hosted The Autism Strategy: Listening to Community at Perth Subud Centre on May 20, 2015. This event was for people on the autism spectrum, their families and carers to learn about the work of the Scottish Strategy for Autism, and to discuss how they can engage with its work locally and nationally.

Afternoon workshops centred on how people on the autism spectrum, families and carers can engage in the delivery of the Scottish Strategy for Autism. Attendees looked at how to ensure voices are heard, how communities can get involved and link together, and how to create a fair and fully representative process. Information about the event can be found on the Autism Network Scotland website.  Further updates may be made to the web page as work progresses.

Following the event, the conference planning team of Kabie Brook, Michael Dawson, Thom Kirkwood and Idem Lewis presented the outcomes of the day and plans for the future at the June Governance Group meeting. 

Feedback from the Governance Group was very positive. Maureen Bruce, Deputy Director, Care, Support and Rights Division, Scottish Government, noted the event was "a positive step", and that she was pleased to hear that this approach to wider engagement is working. She said the Scottish Government wants to know if the Scottish Strategy for Autism is impacting communities, and if the autism community is feeling any change from this.

To tell us how the Scottish Strategy for Autism has impacted your life, get involved, or request more information, please contact us by email.




Autism-Friendly Game Masters at the National Museum of Scotland

With funding from the Scottish Government’s Autism Award, the National Museum of Scotland held an after hours Game Masters event for around 50 young people with autism and their family and supporters. 

The Museum made this short film, which sums up the impact the after-hours event had on everyone who took part:




The funding enabled National Museums Scotland to deliver autism awareness training to Learning and Programmes staff. 

This is just part of a growing provision of opportunities for people who need a little extra support to enjoy Scotland's museums. 

Conference held for autistic women and girls

SWAN 1Women, Girls and the Autism Spectrum, a conference for girls and women on the autism spectrum, facilitated the exchange of information and experiences with practitioners.  The event took place on April 27 at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. The conference was presented by Autism Network Scotland and the Scottish Women's Autism Network (SWAN).

The conference was a unique opportunity for women on the spectrum to network with each other and collaborate with practitioners. Key themes at the conference were diagnosis, education and wellbeing, with presentations and interactive sessions on each topic taking place throughout the day. 

Discussions were focused on good practice: what already exists, what should exist, and what can be taken forward in order to make a positive difference. A summary of the day, along with presentations and videos, can be found on the Autism Network Scotland website

Following on the success of the April event, SWAN hopes to make the conference a regular occurrence, and are hoping to plan the next event towards the end of 2015. For more information on this event, please contact Annie Watson.