Group 4

Wider Opportunities and Access to Work

Richard Ibbotson (Leader) Director Autism Initiatives UK (Scotland)
Maura Lynch Interim Depute Leader Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability
Billy Docherty Employment Consultant Prospects (National Autistic Society)
Idem Lewis Service User Learning Disability Alliance Scotland
Stella Macdonald ASD Coordinator Fife Council/NHS Fife
Lynsey Stewart         Network Adviser Autism Network Scotland
Geraldine Ratcliffe Manager College Development Network
Gordon Lee Enterprise Manager Autism Initiatives
Jamie Dick    
John Dalziel

Scottish Government Relationship Senior Adviser                                               

Skills Development Scotland
Martin Kasprowicz   Aberdeen City Council
Moira Park Depute Head Education Advisory Service, New Struan School Scottish Autism
David Breslin Self-employed public speaker Speaking Literally
David Bain Client Services Manager IntoWork
Morag Gemmell   DWP/Jobcentre Plus
Paul Lennon Autism Services Coordinator Autism Resource Centre
Pippa Coutts Supported Employment Development Consultant Scottish Union of Supported Employment
Sue Hope Development Manager IWORK4ME
Norma Curran Chief Executive Values into Action Scotland

Remit [leadership]:

  • co-ordinate work of group
  • co-ordinate reporting to ASD Reference Group
  • contribute to annual reporting
  • act as driver of progress, supporting accountability of the group (ensuring clear leads for action plan elements)

Remit [group]:


  • develop clear timed action plan:
    1. (a) link recommendations to goals
    2. (b) develop milestones (with clear timescales)
    3. (c) allocated tasks/"lead" for each part of action plan
  • identify resources required to deliver (staff time, research, project work)
  • the sub-group will report back to each meeting of the Reference Group by completion of the sub-group template
  • identify gaps in work currently being undertaken to identify what needs to be done to identify what needs to be done to ensure the delivery of the recommendations relevant to the sub-group
  • ensure appropriate communication with other sub-groups, link activity as appropriate
  • Regular submission of issues to User and Carer Sub-group for views
  • Linage to wider user groups
  • Identify gaps and challenges, and offer solutions
  • the sub-group will meet every 2 months
  • Secretariat undertaken within the group

Sub-group specific:

  • To increase opportunities for employment for all people with ASD.
  • To build and maintain a comprehensive overview of employment/ASD in Scotland
  • Identify good practice
  • Identify missed opportunities
  • Champion autism and employment
  • Initiate evaluation of employment activities (specifically supported employment framework)
  • Recognition of employment supports needed for the more able individuals with ASD (one size not fitting all – i.e. the full range of employment supports and outcomes)
  • Link to relevant national policy and initiatives

Responsibility for the delivery of Recommendations:



  • SASN Group
  • Scottish Union of Supported Employment
  • Academic/Civil Servant with employment remit


Subgroup 4 - 29 May 2012

Subgroup 4 - 10 July 2012

Subgroup 4 - 25 September 2012

Subgroup 4 - 3 December 2012

Subgroup 4 - 6 February 2013

Subgroup 4 - 7 June 2013

Subgroup 4 - 20 August 2013

Subgroup 4 - 3 December 2013

Subgroup 4 - 18 February 2014