Group 5


Dr Ken Aitken - (Leader) Clinical Neuropsychologist

K. Aitken Consultancy

Alan Somerville (Deputy) Chief Executive Scottish Autism
Dr Andrew Stanfield Consultant Psychiatrist University of Edinburgh
Carolyn Brown   Fife Council
Anna Robinson Course Director University of Strathclyde
Dr Iain McClure Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist NHS Lothian
Dr Audrey Espie   NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
Prof Tommy Mackay   Psychology Consultancy Services
Dr David Simmons   University of Glasgow
Dr Justin Williams   University of Aberdeen

Remit [leadership]:

  • co-ordinate work of group
  • co-ordinate reporting to ASD Reference Group
  • contribute to annual reporting
  • act as driver of progress, supporting accountability of the group (ensuring clear leads for action plan elements)

Remit [group]:


  • develop clear timed action plan:
    1. (a) link recommendations to goals
    2. (b) develop milestones (with clear timescales)
    3. (c) allocated tasks/"lead" for each part of action plan
  • identify resources required to deliver (staff time, research, project work)
  • identify gaps in work currently being undertaken to identify what needs to be done to ensure the delivery of the recommendations relevant to the sub-group
  • the sub-group will report back to each meeting of the Reference Group by completion of the sub-group template
  • ensure appropriate communication with other sub-groups, link activity as appropriate
  • Regular submission of issues to User and Carer Sub-group for views
  • Linkage to wider user groups
  • Identify gaps and challenges, and offer solutions
  • the sub-group will meet every 2 months
  • Secretariat undertaken within the group

Sub-group specific:

  • co-ordinate newly commissioned research projects
  • review research requirements identified by other groups and contextualise these against current themes and trends in ASD research
  • produce and continuously improve a "road map" linking the various paradigms:
    • genetic screening
    • diagnosis
    • interventions
    • support

Responsibility for the delivery of Recommendations:

R5 & R12


 Subgroup 5 - 11 April 2012