Governance Group

At workshops in May 2014 it was discussed how the existing ASD Reference Group and Subgroup arrangement could be refreshed to achieve (i) a more strategic focus on delivering the Strategy’s priorities and (ii) greater coproduction with people with autism and their families. A revised structure has been agreed as follows:

  • Governance Group to replace the ASD Reference Group, receive feedback from the Work Groups and the Scottish Government, and maintain a strategic overview and governance of the Strategy’s priorities
  • Work Groups to replace the Subgroups and act as a professional and expert working group to consult on and drive forward the Strategy’s priorities and activities as specified in the Strategy Priority Plan
  • an Ad Hoc Expert Group to be convened to discuss discreet items as required
  • Enhanced Consultation/Communication to ensure that Strategy work is driven forward in collaborative way and that coproduction involving people with autism and their families is at the heart of any decision-making. This will be a flexible ‘autism space’ to enable autistic people to contribute to the strategy implementation.

Roles and responsibilities

The Governance Group is responsible for providing assurance to Scottish Ministers that the implementation of the Autism Strategy is proceeding according to agreed objectives. The Governance Group will provide strategic leadership to the delivery of the Strategy’s recommendations - aimed at improving outcomes for individuals and families living with autism.


Minutes will be posted after the chair's review for public viewing - they will be formally approved by the working group at the next meeting.  To give your feedback on the minutes, please contact us by using the form here, and be sure to indicate your comments are in reference to the Governance Group minutes.


Approved Minutes

16 February 2017

6 October 2016

21 June 2016

11 February 2016

23 October 2015

16 June 2015

10 March 2015

11 November 2014