Scottish Autism One Stop Shops

Scottish Autism recently opened One Stop Shops in Fife and Lanarkshire. The One Stop Shops are becoming established within their local communities and are now hosting a variety of groups and workshops every month. Coming up next month, the One Stop Shop in Dunfermline will be running Sleep Clinics on the 5 and 26 June, a workshop looking at applications to the Family Fund will take place on 10 June and a Fragile X workshop on 13 June. Reserve your place today by calling 01383 724200.

 The One Stop Shop in Motherwell has an equally busy calendar with a new Parent/Carer Support Group running every second Friday and an Advocacy Group for individuals on the autism spectrum taking place every month. For more information on these groups please call 01698 267023.

Read more about the acitivity of Scottish Autism One Stop Shops.

Autism Summit in Belfast

This month Scottish Autism CEO, Alan Somerville and Director of Development, Charlene Tait, attended an Autism Summit in the Stormont Parliament Buildings in Belfast which was facilitated by the Celtic Nations Autism Partnership (CNAP). CNAP enables Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to come together to share knowledge, understanding and expertise.

This summit focused on Northern Ireland's Autism Strategy and as Scottish Autism have been closely involved in developing the Scottish Strategy for Autism, their input along with that of the other CNAP members will help to ensure that Northern Ireland’s strategy is delivered in the most efficient and effective way.

 You can read more about the  Autism Summit here. 


Giving Adults with AS a Voice

Laura Brougham is an MSc student at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and is looking for volunteers to take part in her research titled 'Giving Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome a Voice: Identifying with AS and what the proposed removal of AS in the DSM V means to me'.

Participants must be over 18 and they have to have a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome. Laura is looking to get their opinions on the potential changes to the DSM-V, where removal of AS is suggested.

Laura has full ethical approval from the University of Strathclyde and is supervised by the Course Leader Anna Robinson.

If you need more information, or wish to pass this onto someone who might be interested, you can find out more about the project from the Participant Information Sheet.

If you have any further questions, you can also email Laura:

[email protected]


Minister for Public Health issues a letter to the NHS Boards

Michael Matheson, Minister for Public Health has issued a letter to all NHS Boards to ask what each Board is doing to implement the Scottish Strategy for Autism. The Strategy launched on 2 November 2011 and highlighted the need for diagnostic assessment to be available for people across the autism spectrum irrespective of age or cognitive ability. Prevalence figures in the strategy indicate that there are 1:100 of the total population on the autism spectrum. The majority of people living with autism are neither children or with a learning disability.

NHS Boards are required to take strategic action to increase the diagnostic capacity within their board area to support people with autism, including adults without a learning disability. Minister asked each Board to provide the Scottish Government with details of how they are planning to improve access to diagnostic services in their Board area. NHS Board are also required to provide a named contact within each Board. That named contact should be someone responsible for Autism within that Board. All information should be sent by 28 June 2013 to:

[email protected]

Copy of the letter can be accessed here

Brain in Hand

Brain-in-Hand provide personal technology for independent living. They work with individuals with impaired executive function, who have an acquired brain injury, mild cognitive impairement or anxiety. In March, Brain-in-Hand presented at the National Autistic Society Conference in Harrogate, and attended the Assistive Technology celebration event in Exeter.

 On 25th April, they had a stand at the Social Health Care Expo in Cardiff. They also won ExIST Innovation of the Year at the Express and Echo Business Awards on  26th April.

They currently support all major smartphone platforms as Brain-in-Hand is now available on Windows, Android and iPhone (iOs 6 and above).

They are also about to release a version for Android 4.0. This version takes full advantage of the Android platform by providing a Brain-in-Hand Widget on the homescreen.

You can read about the latest news from Brain-in-Hand here.