A Message from Prof. Tommy MacKay on the Scottish Autism Questionnaire

I am leading a major project funded by the Scottish Government through Scottish Autism, as part of the Scottish Strategy for Autism, and aimed at improving service provision throughout Scotland for those with ASD.


I am sure you are often asked to fill in a questionnaire – but this one is particularly important for all people who are on the autism spectrum or who care for someone who is on the spectrum. The only way we can do this is to gather our information very carefully, and we hope you will be willing to spend a little time to help us with this.


All of the information you provide will be used anonymously, and you will not be contacted by us for further information unless you say you would be willing for that to happen.


Our research team is as follows:


At the University of Strathclyde:
Professor Tommy MacKay
Professor Jim Boyle
Michael Connolly


At London School of Economics:
Professor Martin Knapp
Valentina Iemmi


Click here for more detailed information on this questionnaire.


Click here to complete the questionnaire. (Survey has closed)


The questionnaire should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.


If you would prefer to recieve a hard copy of the questionnaire we would be happy to send you one. To request a hard copy, please contact research assistant, Michael Connolly, via email or by calling 07437 404303.

With many thanks,


Professor Tommy MacKay