Autism Training Resource web page launched

Autism Network Scotland, in partnership with NHS Education for Scotland, has published a set of Autism Training Resources on their website. The resources will help you decide what autism training and skills are needed in your office or organisation and which types of training will fit those needs. Autism Network Scotland has also published a table of currently available training courses from a variety of sources, delivered in a range of ways.

Optimising Outcomes: NHS Education for Scotland Autism Training Framework supports the Scottish Strategy for Autism by detailing the knowledge and skills required at different levels within the health and social care workforce, to achieve key outcomes for people with ASD. It identifies the skills and knowledge needed by individual practitioners to provide quality services for ASD. Following on from this, the Training Plan outlines the kind of training that would be necessary to provide those knowledge and skills. The Training Plan also identifies what appear to be the gaps in currently available training.

Autism Network Scotland has published a table of available training courses, which sits alongside links to NES resources on a newly published resource site. Individuals and organisations looking for training resources will be able to identify needs and appropriate training courses to address those needs in one place. The table includes a variety of available training, from third sector and individual seminars to university master’s degree courses. The table also offers a variety of formats, including in-person courses in Scotland, online and distance learning options from across the United Kingdom.

The new resource page can be accessed by clicking here.