Collaborative event focuses on complex care

NACP Event 1Following on the success of their first event in January, the National Autism Co-ordination Project (NACP) held a second event for local leads working on autism plans and strategies. On April 29, leads from local authorities and NHS joined up at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow for an Autism Strategy Collaborative Business Meeting and Development Workshop.  Based on feedback from the first event, the April meeting focused on complex care and out-of-area placements.  A full recap of the day, including presentations, can be found on the Autism Network Scotland website.

The Collaborative, established at the January meeting, represents a commitment from local authorities across Scotland to the formation of a “community of practice”, sharing best practice and working together to overcome common challenges occurring nationwide.  During the wrap up at the end of the day, it was noted that people are starting to feel “joined up” and that the Collaborative is key in accessing creative solutions to complicated issues in local authorities across Scotland.

The next event, scheduled to take place on September 25, will focus on transitions. Working Group 2 is organising the programme for the day with input from the NACP team.  More information about the next Collaborative event will be released in the coming weeks; please contact Tracy Wenzl for further information.