Innovation and Development Funding

We are pleased to advise that Scottish Ministers are continuing their commitment to develop and enhance services for people with autism and we are now seeking applications for innovation and development funding which will be available for 2015/16.

The Scottish Strategy for Autism provides a framework to build on improvements to autism services in Scotland, including support to families to access services such as social care, education, housing and employment. Since 2011 the Scottish Government has committed to an Autism Development Fund and has funded a number of statutory organisations and local and national third sector organisations for a variety of local and national projects that support and improve the outcomes for people with autism.

Working with a wide range of stakeholders funding in 2015/16 will focus on our identified priorities. This includes the development of services that focus on outcomes based approaches; locality based integrated partnership working and national projects delivered in partnership.

The criteria that will be considered is attached at Annex A. We are also enclosing an application form at Annex B. This letter invites proposals for innovative projects which will help to develop and improve services to people with autism and their families in line with the Strategy’s outcome-focused delivery approach at Annex C.  Please access the full application information and application form using the links below.

Application Information
Application Form

Development Funding Timetable

Applications invited from

7 August 2015

Closing date for applications

18 September 2015

Organisations notified

30 September 2015


Your application should be sent by email to Annette Pyle by no later than 18 September 2015. Late applications will not be considered; however, if you wish to discuss your proposal prior to submitting an application, please feel free to contact Annette via email.