Local authorities move forward with strategy events

Autism Network Scotland and the National Autism Coordination Project have carried out several strategy implementation and consultation events. At each of these events, Professor Jean MacLellan has spoken about the Scottish Strategy for Autism and the work of the Governance and Working Groups. Donald Macleod has talked about the Scottish Government’s Outcomes Framework. The Framework reframes the existing Strategy into outcomes in line with national priorities. He has explained how the outcomes also relate to priorities within local autism strategies.

A wide mix of parents and carers, people with autism and practitioners attended a consultation event in Aberdeen. Delegates discussed the Aberdeen City Autism Strategy and give their views on existing practice, good practice, gaps in practice, priorities and recommendations for implementation and links with local goals. The information collated will be used to update the Aberdeen City Autism Strategy.

In Dumfries and Galloway, the Network and NACP facilitated an event for people with autism and parents. Delegates explored the national strategy and its links with local priorities in small groups. Each table had an age group focus, which created a supportive atmosphere. There was common ground amongst the parents dealing with various situations with children of similar age groups. The communal atmosphere allowed for an emotional but supportive event. Delegates were able to feed their thoughts back into their local strategy.

A pan-Ayrshire draft local strategy was just launched. The Network and NACP facilitated a consultation event with a wide range of practitioners across the three Ayrshires. The Head of Community Health & Care Services opened the event, which focused on local priorities and the link with national outcomes. A new lead officer has been appointed in this area. The NACP will continue working with them to develop an implementation plan and ensure that the strategy has a positive impact on those it serves. Further consultation events are planned in the coming months. These events will be organised by the One Stop Shop in Kilmarnock.

The Network and NACP are also part of an upcoming consultation event for parents, carers, family members and individuals with autism who live in East Dunbartonshire. East Dunbartonshire Health & Social Care and partners are hosting the event to launch the East Dunbartonshire Autism Strategy. It will provide an opportunity for local residents to help implement the strategy across the community. This will help shape the landscape for autistic people in East Dunbartonshire.

To express your interest to attend this event or for further details please contact Irene Loughlin.