NES publishes updated autism web resource for GPs, PCPs

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) has just published an updated web resource on autism spectrum disorders. The resource is designed for use by general and primary care practitioners. It offers information on a number of topics including screening, diagnosis, health and behaviour, and adjustments to practice.

The initial resource was produced by the autism team at the University of Birmingham and commissioned by NES. The Scottish Government commissioned NES to develop a number of autism-related training materials, including the Autism Training Framework and Autism Training Plan. During this process, an e-learning resource containing practical strategies for primary care practitioners was also developed. This work was conducted by the NES autism project managers, Dr Janine Robinson and Dr Gail Milroy, under the direction of Marie Claire Shankland, the NES director of the autism project.

NES worked closely with the autism community on the review and revision of the web resource’s content. Thom Kirkwood, Michael Dawson, and Kabie Brook reviewed the resource and obtained feedback from others in the broader autism community, including ARGH (Autism Rights Group Highland) and other community groups.  Thom recently thanked the autism community on social media, saying, “Us three could not have made such contributions without your help and support from across the autism community. I can advise that NES took all feedback on board to produce a vastly improved resource.” He went on to describe the process as “another example of positive strategic partnership working” and thanked the NES team.

The updated web resource can be accessed by clicking here.