“Engage” with Strathclyde event a success

Engage 1Autism Network Scotland and the National Autism Co-ordination Project hosted a successful event for service providers and commissioners during Engage with Strathclyde week, May 5-8. The event was an interactive afternoon session to allow attendees to learn more about the Scottish Strategy for Autism, the role of NHS Education for Scotland, and explore their potential involvement in its implementation. It was designed to be an opportunity for practitioners, purchasers, social care providers and local authority commissioners to network with each other.  A recap of the event and presentations from the day can be found on the Autism Network Scotland website.

There was interest in further events bringing commissioners and service providers together, with attendees indicating they’d like more opportunity to network with each other and discuss topics more in-depth.  To that end, Autism Network Scotland and the National Autism Co-ordination Project will be hosting another event on August 25 to encourage further networking and collaboration. More details will be announced soon; for more information, please contact Tracy Wenzl.