Listening to Community event held in Perth

Listening1Autism Network Scotland hosted The Autism Strategy: Listening to Community at Perth Subud Centre on May 20, 2015. This event was for people on the autism spectrum, their families and carers to learn about the work of the Scottish Strategy for Autism, and to discuss how they can engage with its work locally and nationally.

Afternoon workshops centred on how people on the autism spectrum, families and carers can engage in the delivery of the Scottish Strategy for Autism. Attendees looked at how to ensure voices are heard, how communities can get involved and link together, and how to create a fair and fully representative process. Information about the event can be found on the Autism Network Scotland website.  Further updates may be made to the web page as work progresses.

Following the event, the conference planning team of Kabie Brook, Michael Dawson, Thom Kirkwood and Idem Lewis presented the outcomes of the day and plans for the future at the June Governance Group meeting. 

Feedback from the Governance Group was very positive. Maureen Bruce, Deputy Director, Care, Support and Rights Division, Scottish Government, noted the event was "a positive step", and that she was pleased to hear that this approach to wider engagement is working. She said the Scottish Government wants to know if the Scottish Strategy for Autism is impacting communities, and if the autism community is feeling any change from this.

To tell us how the Scottish Strategy for Autism has impacted your life, get involved, or request more information, please contact us by email.