Working Groups

Roles and Responsibilities

Work Group chairs

Each work group is chaired by a member of the Governance Group. Work groups are responsible for delivering guidance, direction, and relevant expertise in the development/delivery of the priority work plans. Work groups have the authority to make decisions/recommendations regarding the approach adopted to deliver work plans.

Work Group members

Work group members have been drawn from a wide range of stakeholders in the wider autism community, including individuals with autism, carers, service and support providers, academia and others.

To enable collective approaches/decisions to be agreed for priority issues and to ensure Working Groups consider the wider picture in relation to whole strategy implementation, individual group members have been assigned a Work Group based on preference and expertise.


Group 1 Goal: Access to integrated service provision across the lifespan to address the multi-dimensional aspects of autism

Group 2 Goal: Access to appropriate transition planning across the lifespan

Group 3 Goal: Consistent adoption of good practice guidance in key areas of education, health and social care across all local authority areas

Group 4 Goal: Capacity and awareness building in mainstream services to ensure people with ASD are met with recognition and understanding of autism

Outcomes and Priorities

Autism Outcomes Approach: Priorities 2015-2017


Working Group 1
Working Group 2
Working Group 3
Working Group 4